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  • Dimex Workwear

    Dimex Workwear

    Dimex is a growing Finnish family business that designs and manufactures functional, safe and durable work clothes. Clothes design and product development take place in Finland, so the clothes have been made for demanding conditions.






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    Dimex manufactures Workwear for those who work hard.


    We have been working Workwear for more than 30 years. We deliver approximately 340,000 garments annually to all kinds of workplaces from construction sites to clearance and shipping, from factory halls to forests and harbors. In 2016, our turnover amounted to EUR 13.2 million. Our work is based on ongoing cooperation with those who use our clothes. We want to thank and listen to all who chose Dimex. Your opinion helps us develop better Workwear for you and your colleagues. Growth is our goal. We have increased our market share in the Finnish market. Our

    Dimex workwear is also being exported at an increasing rate Dimex does clothes for hard work with 30 years of experience. The core of our development work is cooperation with those who use our clothes, that is, professionals in different industries. Therefore, our Workwear is known to be functional and durable. The collection for the year 2016 contains several news, and they will be more in the year because our development work is not determined by the calendar without the needs of our customers. dimex takki dimex housut dimex huppari dimex dimex dimex dimex dimex dimex dimex dimex dimex dimexanol dimex dimex dimex kokotaulukko dimex dimex työvatteet dimex asennehousut dimex asenne dimex asennetakki dimex ale dimex avohaalari dimex extraioloajat dimex aps dimex workwear dimex automotive dimex Workwear


    Who is the best expert on Workwear? Of course, the user himself. Therefore, Dimex designs its Workwear with both women and men. Testing takes place at actual workplaces. We get honest feedback from the tests. Therefore, we will immediately know if the collar protects well, the pocket is just where it is going and if the garment looks good when it's wearing it. That's why our product development is always moving forward and those who use clothes from Dimex get functional, safe and stylish Workwear dimex workwear.

    FINLAND DESIGN AND PREPARED Dimex Huomiovaatteet

    All of our Workwear is designed in Finland, in Leppävirta. Most of our Workwear is manufactured in Estonia and part of the work is done in Finland. When the design and manufacture of our products take place close, we can also ensure that everything is done according to Dimex's requirements and quality standards. We can also respond quickly to our customers' wishes. Rejäla Workwear is made of sturdy material. Therefore, we have chosen the best in the industry as our material suppliers, partners who are experts in materials for Workwear. Dimex dealer Dimex pants Dimex jacket Dimex dam dimex huomiovateteet Dimex reseller Dimex Workwear Dimex

    Dimex reseller Dimex Workwear Dimex workwear

    It is important for us that our partners share values with us, including responsibility. Our fabrics are supplied by Carrington, Foxa, Klopman and Wernerfelt, who are experts in materials for Workwear dimex workwear. For the zipper we use products from the world's leading zipper manufacturer YKK. Reflective material is supplied by well-known 3M, which also produces lightweight, warm and durable Thinsulate lining. Here is more information about the materials we use and care of Workwearna.

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